Prototypes and small-quantity products

 From design to implementation- a sampling

Piezo Power Amplifier

This product was supplied to the Smithsonian Observatory for use in physics experiments at the sub-atomic level. It drives highly capacitive piezo positioners.

Custom Firmware

This software was used in a prototype for a  small company. We can design in virtually any  microcontroller family and provide sophisticated event-driven real-time software for it. Almost all our current designs incorporate a processor. 

Custom Machined Parts

This special close-tolerance mechanical part was made in about an hour for a one-off project. We have the ability to machine parts from metal or plastic. We can also use SLA and similar RPT parts where appropriate. 

T/C sensor interface

This module was designed and produced for Hewlett-Packard for a special application. A quantity of these units interfaces low temperature type T (Copper-Constantan) thermocouples with computer inputs.

Quad Signal Conditioner

This product was provided in quantity to Daimler-Chrysler to control several hundred control loops involved in their manufacturing operation.